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You’ve probably been to hundreds of Zoom meetings by this point in the COVID-19 quarantine. Most of the world has adapted to working from home amidst their children and pets. However, everyone can use a refresher on the etiquette required of attendees to ensure a successful Zoom meeting.

2020 was the year of Zoom. We were introduced to it as a matter of necessity, and the platform performed so well that many people still rely on it daily for both work and their personal lives.

Tip #1: Understand how Zoom operates. Zoom has two formats: a group format and a webinar format. Webinar formats have a “raise hand” option, and everyone is muted. This is best for a presentation. However, if the meeting is informal, you want to use the group format. This way, everyone has a chance to speak. 

Tip #2 is to make sure that you preinstall the Zoom application before attending your meeting. Zoom will work on any device (Apple, Android, computer or phone), but you want to install it first before joining a  meeting. When creating your  account, remember to be professional, especially when filling out your name, because this is how you will appear on the screen to others.

Tip #3:  Know how to mute yourself. 

Again, you can do this on computer or phone. On the computer you will have to use the actual application to mute yourself. On your phone, you can simply mute your  audio. It is extremely distracting when a noisy group member does not mute themselves.

Tip #4: Use your video!

Many people have gotten away from this habit as we roll into 2021, but use your video feature! Position yourself where you are in front of the camera and well lit. It’s nice to be able to see the people you are collaborating with! 

Tip #5: Don’t be distracting.

 It  may be a dog barking or a child crying, but do what you have to do to not be a distraction. If you are not muted, any audio from your end will cause you to pop up on the screen consistently for others to see. You can use this platform  for business meetings, chats with friends and family, or virtual happy hours.